Mother Goose

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Have you ever purchased an item of clothing simply because of how absurd it is? I must admit, it is something that I do quite often. Michael and I always laugh about it. The stranger the item, the more I feel like it's challenging me...can you pull me off? Well, like Ted with his red cowboy boots (HIMYM anyone?), I feel like I have reached a certain level of success with this very red 60's maxi dress. I mean, when you see something with geese hand-sewn onto it, you kind of have to. Plus, the length of this was perfect for me, and I mean perfect. I am 5'0" tall. That seriously has never happened for me. Never. Needless to say, I had to have it. I may be buried in it. The possibilities are endless.

I'm not going to lie...I really expected some adverse reactions to my outfit the day I wore this. Instead I was met with nothing but nice comments, from a random lady in a gas station store to a sales women in downtown Olympia. People were so nice, and so interested in the dress! I love being surprised by the world. It's not that I thought people were going to be mean that is, I was just personally rather self-conscious at first, so to be met with nothing but compliments and kindness really made my day. I think that's how it works though, isn't it? If you offer your true self to the world, it will give you a little back in return. And I must say, my soul probably looks a lot like this dress.

One of the reasons I wore it was to attend the maker's night that was being held at UXC, the shop I purchased this from. It is a super sweet vintage shop in downtown Tacoma with all the right aesthetics and amazing people. This was their second such event, and it exists to invite people into the store to meet creators from the community. I think it is a really amazing idea to keep business local and introduce you to new folks. One of the reasons I wanted to go was because a blogger and photographer I have followed for several years now was there, Liz of Delightfully Tacky, and I was dying to meet her and gush over her work. (View her photography here, and you really must view it.) The thing was that once I said hi and got out my planned, "I've been following you for years now, your photography is simply amazing," I realized I didn't really have anything else to say and felt kind of stupid. Luckily my friend Ashley was with me and helped to fill some conversational gaps. Oh well. I felt like the strangest form of fan girl. But bloggers are famous in their own way...or maybe in an even better way because we allow people into our heads and our's much more personal than, say, Johnny Depp's life. Maybe someday I'll meet someone who is excited to meet me and I'll feel like less of a giant dork, but let's be real, I probably won't.


  1. I think absurdity is one of the main components of my wardrobe – not so much because I want to be challenged, but simply because I'm so drawn to whimsy! I love finding one-of-a-kind pieces, and I sort of take pride in the fact that not many people can have a wardrobe like mine. This dress is awesome, and I'm so glad you added it to yours!

    1. Yes! I am also totally drawn to whimsy! It is one of the reasons I so adore everything that you wear! You pull it off so perfectly!
      I wish I could find a twin of this dress so I could send it to you!
      ♡Mariah Alysz