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Thursday, September 3, 2015

roadtrip essentials

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I've been thinking a lot about how to make a little compilation of the things I found to be absolutely invaluable during my Cali road trip, and I figured that a little collage board would be absolutely perfect! I really think everyone needs to take a solo road trip now (if you come this way, let's hang out!), and so I figured a small grouping of what I would have died without would be really helpful to all you fabulous readers wanting to take a trip, but not exactly knowing where to start. I suppose this set could work for any sort of traveling, but the outfit specifically is suited for long hours sitting in a car, which is most certainly not when you want to be decked out in heels and a body-con dress. 

Going from sort-of-left to sort-of-right:

1. I'll start with sunnies. You. Need. Sunglasses. I went to Ireland without any, and I promptly had to buy a pair. Do not do any traveling without sunglasses. It's just stupid. The pair above are from UO, and I have similar blue ones that I adore.

2. I ended up wearing my super funky Joann scarf all but one day of my trip. That's right. It topped off every outfit of mine, and honestly, what doesn't look more put together with a scarf? Answer = nothing. They are also great for keeping you warm when the sun goes down and you didn't bring a coat (aka: me, always). This one from ModCloth is super fun and also on sale right now!

3. Some sort of flowy top. Seriously. Anything that isn't skin tight is going to be heaven to your tired ass body. I literally just grabbed a random white one for this from H&M. Any flowy top. ANY.

4. I ditched my new purse for what I like to call a "purse-pack" during my trip. Not only do little backpacks hold more, but they are way more secure and adventure ready than a tradition purse. I fit all sorts of nonsense into mine with room to spare. I love this one from Fjällräven because it looks durable while still being colorful and cute (and it's mini!).

5. Yes I am that chick that now has a selfie stick. It was awesome for solo photos too, so don't you judge me. I got mine for like $10, and it's pink. This one is pretty similar, and cheaper. Just get one already. You know you want one. 

6. Boyfriend jeans, while not the typical go to cut for 5'0" Mariah, have been a staple for me this summer. I can work in them, I can drive in them, I can sit at home in them, and (possibly most importantly) I can wear whatever underwear with them that I want without having panty lines. Yes. Please. They are also stylish and comfy for driving. These ones are from Hollister, and are also on sale. 

7. I know, I know. The Instax Mini craze is sups hipster, but I must say that I am obsessed with mine, nevertheless. Michael bought me the yellow one and I think it's just too dang cute. Plus I like the instant nostalgia aspect of the photos. I mean, I'm barely from the polaroid era, but I still love it. 

8. Sandals are a necessity. I only brought fashionable ones, but I wish I would have packed my pair of....what is this type of sandal called? Well whatever kind it is, I wish I had brought mine. The fabric straps are like little cradles for your feet. Amazing. This DSW pair are fabulous. 

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