The Last Of The Long Hair

Monday, September 28, 2015

I know that my hair hadn't even gotten close to the "long" stage yet, hell it was hardly even medium length, however for someone who has been growing out their hair for the past year, it was definitely wrapped up in a sense of self-accomplishment. I could put it in (a still very gimpy) ponytail and go out without looking too cray-cray. I could do a cute little fake top-knot when I wanted my bangs out of the way, or just didn't wash my hair. Sadly, this hair is no longer. I went through the mourning period and I'm ok now, but I figured you probably needed a chance to say which I of course mean that this is my last post with this hair, so get it while the gettins good.


Now that you've had sufficient time to whisper some sweet, sweet parting words to my hair (ok, ok, it was mostly for me), let's talk fall wardrobe. This year it is all about the 60s and 70s in a big way, and I am in love! I think the beautiful thing about these returning trends is that you can easily replicate them from items at your local thrift or vintage shop. With a few key modern pieces, you can totally rock it and look all that while keeping things ethically and/or locally sourced. I'm all about it. This skirt was one of the modern pieces I decided I needed to invest in (thanks Michael), because though it is obviously very vintage inspired, the shorter cut made it a must have for a shortie like me. Plus, I never like to miss an opportunity to throw my (or Michael's) money at Hot Toddy. Support local business you guys. For real.

I also think a great way to make an old school wardrobe feel fresh and modern is to just add some edgier jewelry to the mix. This Rocksbox necklace (which I am obsessed with) was super easy to throw on top of my sweater and helped make my otherwise classic look become very 2015. And often time, accessories are cheaper than actual clothes (if you're on a tight budget, like I) so that's always a good option for an updated-appearing closet. Basically, Rocksbox saves my life. So now here is when I once again tell you that you can get an entire month subscription (as many jewelry sets as you desire) for free with my code, ryapiexoxo entered at checkout. If you're not into it after that, you can cancel totally free of charge, or keep the good times rolling for $19/month, which, let's be honest, is probably less than you're spending for makeup or clothing or the jewelry you're buying now. Oh yes. I went there.

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