Sunday, December 13, 2015

Well, in true Washington fashion it decided to pour buckets on my birthday. This made it rather hard to find a desirable spot to take my outfit photos, not only because I didn't want to get wet, but also because literally nowhere looks appealing in the grey-nasty-soggy Washington rain. After driving a few loops around my parent's town (where we had to go to get the shoes that perfectly matched my outfit), we settled upon the cute lit up trees in front of the local jeweler. At this point I was much less concerned with getting wet (even though it killed my hair, let's be real), and more worried about someone stepping out of the store and asking us what the hell we were doing. Thankfully no one did.

The true tragedy is that I didn't even end up wearing the shoes outside of these photos because my toe is still kind of muffed up and being in a heel was not making it happy. I instead ended up wearing these fluffy snow/rain boot things with the getup, which, I won't lie, were infinitely more warm, water-resistant, and comfortable. In my head I had these shoes on, but in reality I looked 100% Washington waterproof. Oh well. Not like I didn't look mildly ridiculous anyways, and as we all know, I rather like it that way.


This birthday has been the first since I was old enough to throw myself a party that I didn't. Things have been so hectic lately and with pregnancy exhaustion on top of it all, I was ready to just sit in bed and watch stupid TV with M all day on my birthday. If you know me, this is highly unnatural. My birthday is my absolute favorite day of the year. Thankfully M had plans to get me straight out of my funk. 

When we were doing a routine Target stop for one thing or another he mentioned making dinner reservations for us on my birthday. I lazily browsed some cute kid's clothes and said that I would rather stay in. He asked if I was sure, at which point I very off-handedly said, "Yeah, unless you planned a surprise dinner or something like I did for you last year." He was silent. I turned around and he had quite a funny look on his face. "Did you?" He laughed while insisting he didn't, and then shortly gave up his weak attempt at lying and admitted that that was exactly what he had done. I'm actually really happy that I figured out his plans because it got me in the birthday spirit. So I picked up this outfit while we were at Target, and proceeded to quiz him on the guest list all the way home.

Overall, it was a truly wonderful birthday at an amazing restaurant with just the best friends a girl could ask for. I stayed out later than I have since I've been pregnant, ate way too much good food, sipped on some tasty mocktails, and laughed the night away. I can't wait to do it all again next year...but a little different because there will be a little bean sprout involved. As long as I've got M to make me feel like a princess, I know it'll be amazing, no matter what life throws our way. 


  1. Awww, I'm so glad he surprised you with a fun dinner! It's the best thing to hang out with friends to get out of that funk; I totally relate to that pregnancy blah-ness, girl, and I'm hoping the magic of the second/third trimester will hit and you'll feel more up to getting out and about again!(with Asa, it was great past 14 weeks, but with Evie I didn't feel great again until 25 weeks, so really you never know.)
    You look like a magical fairy and I LOVE it. This whole outfit is just perfect for you, and those heels! Ah. So good.

    1. Thank you so much Kristina! (I am *the worst* at responding to comments in a timely manner.)
      It's funny though, when I took these I was like "ugh, I'm so pregnant, I'm so bloated, I'm soooooooo huge." HA.

      ♡ Mariah Alysz

  2. stylish, crazy and beautiful as always