Finding The Frost

Saturday, December 5, 2015

When the kind folks at Portelli asked me to style some of their products, I was instantly brought to scenes of hip cool people trekking through the snow in their sweet beanies and stylin' mugs. I usually don't fancy myself one of these people. I am especially not lately when I'm tired all the time and going to bed at like 7pm. But styling these pieces allowed me to pretend for a little bit, and come up with something that I've been really excited to share with you guys. I'll level with you here: the snow isn't real. However, in my mind it was snowing when we took these, so it counts. The frost, however, was real, and we did some serious scoping around to find some that hadn't melted yet, as the temperature picked up a bit this week. So scroll on to play pretend with me being the kind of person who wears joggers out and about, and has enough forethought to bring a hot beverage with me instead of purchasing one on the way.


The day M and I snapped these pictures, we were headed to our first ultrasound appointment to confirm the bean sprout's age. I must say there is nothing quite like seeing a little thing squirm and dance around inside you. Seems weird that I can't feel it, and yet it's just hanging out. Chillin' in the uterus. Squashing my bladder for funsies.

I know a lot of holiday shopping is going on now that it's December, so I urge you to spend your money supporting small businesses and local artists. Portelli is a family run business that sells awesome things that can please at least one person on your list, I am sure of it. And you'll be giving your money to an awesome company run by sweet people who don't rush bloggers to post when they've had an item for a hot second (thank you!!!). At least check them out.

Also, also, it's my birthday in a few days and I am beyond excited! I just got my outfit last night (possibly entirely kid's clothes), and I can't wait to show you! I hope your fall is going well.


  1. Wait... did you put fake snow on the ground? Or is it a Photoshop trick?? Either way, it looks absolutely stunning! I love being able to support small businesses during the holidays, especially. Can't wait to see your birthday outfit!

    xox Sammi

    1. Nah the frost on the ground is real, it's just the falling snow that is fake. And thank you! I really hate the snow, but the cold makes for such pretty pictures, so I'm quite torn.

      Mariah Alysz ♡

  2. You DO look like one of those cool people. ;) I love the fake snow! It's totally believable with the frost on the ground, and also given that a lot of people I know in other places have gotten snow. I love how it looks (I'm with you on wanting to just be warm, though. Like,. I don't particularly love summer, but I don't really like being cold, either. Fall and spring are my favorites. I love the colors in this outfit. And also YOUR NAILS. Why are they always so amazing? GAH.

    1. Oh I'm so glad you like it! Sometimes when I know an element of a photo is "fake" I worry that it looks ragingly unrealistic to everyone, but then realize I'm probably the only person thinking that because I know the truth behind the image.
      And the nails are all my goddess of a nail lady. She does them right and keeps it real. ("You wait too long to get these done, I'm making them shorter this time!")

      ♡ Mariah Alysz