The True Model

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I think we can all look at these photos and agree that Chai is a much better model than I am. Maybe it's her petite size, or the massive amount of body in her coat. Maybe it's her little bug eyes, or her infectious smile. Whatever it is, I need to style outfits with Chai more often. I feel like I'm less critical of myself than I would normally be if Chai is making a particularly adorable face. Basically I'm obsessed with my dog, but you already knew that. What you may not have known, is that this coat from Alice's Pig is my current #2 favorite thing. It is super thick and warm, and obviously super pretty. It's also a bit loose, which will be great when my belly gets bigger! It's nice knowing I'll have some good options as I get more pregnant, because fashion has been one of the things I've been stressing about the most (which may be ridiculous, whatever). It just seems so hard to find cute maternity clothes, so we'll see how this goes. 


The fact that I'm writing this post is pretty great because it means that we have internet in our new apartment! Oh yes, our house is now a home. So we may not have most of our belongings here yet, but hey I'll take internet before a dresser anytime I move. Would both be nice? Totally. But I'm taking what I can get for now. Here I am queuing up a blog post, crunching on some sea salt caramel apple granola (oh yeah, it is as awesome as it sounds), and listening to a mixture of holiday music and Chai barking. I have it pretty damn good.


  1. THAT COAT. Oh my gosh, that coat is amazing! And I feel you on finding cute maternity clothes. Most of mine were not maternity, I just bought stuff in one or two sizes up and made it work. But Target sometimes goes through seasons of having cute maternity, and ASOS has a great maternity section online!

    Seriously though: thrift store. Because then it's less of a regret if you get something for pregnancy that doesn't work on you after the baby comes!

    1. THE COAT??? I know. I flipped when they wanted to work with me. Like, what??? They make such amazing clothes, that, let's be real, there is no way I could afford right now. So happy to own one of their pieces. Blogging is fabulous to me.
      And I am still entrenched in the maternity wear struggle, but I think it's because I'm spending a lot of my time grumpy that my old clothes don't fit.

      ♡ Mariah Alysz