Taking A Break

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 for me is a lot about refocusing, rebranding, and rest. If you haven't noticed, I'm not blogging a lot lately. I feel so drained most of the time, and while I still feel inspired to produce creatively, I find that blogging often takes so much of my energy that it leaves me dead, with no focus left for my other projects and obligations. So after a huge amount of consideration, I've decided to take a break from this little corner of the internet that I call my own, and leave my energy for things that still bring me joy without all the unnecessary guilt and stress (admittedly self-applied). I plan to downsize and really tighten up my "look" over the next year, and I'm really excited about it. I hope to you will be too. 

I'm taking things in a new direction, and simplifying to make things easier on myself. In truth, it's been needed for a long time, but I'd rather run myself ragged and guilt trip myself into doing something than feel like I've "quit" or "given up." I've finally come to the conclusion that this is silly. Forcing myself to hang on doesn't make sense when it stops the creative process from happening naturally. It took me a little too long to realize that. I'm sorry for the content I put out during this time.  This year, I plan to spend more time looking inward. To spend more time writing for myself. To get back into poetry. To cultivate the pastel goodness of my Instagram feed, which, if you're curious, is where I plan to continue this blog for the time being...or maybe forever. I guess I'll just have to see where life takes me, but for now it's taking me to a place of somewhat forced relaxation. Until I can truly learn how to unwind naturally, I will be downsizing all that I can manage. The daily stress and anxiety levels in my life are at all time highs, and the consistent meltdowns (that I'm sure M could set his watch by at this point) aren't healthy for anyone involved. Today I broke down because he forgot apples at the store. So here's to my last blog post for now. It's nothing really special, but it's the nicest I've looked in weeks, which is a bit of a downer. At least I finally found the perfect lippie to match my hat. Lolita II by KVD.


Michael's mom got me this cape from Italy, which I think is super rad. She also got a grey one and had Michael pick which one should be for me, and I am so very pleased he picked yellow. The day I wore this we really weren't doing much of anything, but I'd been sick on the couch for so long I just wanted to feel good about myself. So I used leaving the house as an excuse to get all dolled up and try out some new makeup I hadn't had the chance to test yet. We had planned to get Michael a haircut in Seattle and then head to his parent's house to pick up the camera he got me for Christmas that was delivered two days too late, but since it was New Year's, we ended up just grabbing a bite and the camera because none of his favorite barber shops were open. Oh well. Walking around made me realize how terrible I still felt, so I'm glad we didn't have a ton of things to do. 

I'm not going to lie, I'll definitely miss writing to you guys. I truly hope you follow along with me on Instagram still (and occasionally YouTube and Twitter), because I'll be lonely without the interaction. I have loved reading each and every one of your comments. I'm nervous, but excited to take a break from here, but with Instagram being as all consuming as it is, I'm sure it'll feel like home all the same. I love you all. 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you're leaving the bloggosphere until further notice, but I personally (and I'm sure many others share this sentiment) would rather you look after your mental and physical health! I'll be sure to follow you in your other internet places.

    Thankyou so much for all of the words and pictures you've shared! <3


    1. Thank you so much for your support!
      My break ended up being a total lie in retrospect, but it was love and care from everyone that reminded me why I love blogging so much in the first place.
      ♡Mariah Alysz