Wall Hunting

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's official. I have become one of those bloggers that completely stops whatever they're doing when they find a nice wall to pose in front of. To take these photos I accomplished all of the standard pretty-wall-blogger moves, which include, but are not limited to: making your boyfriend execute a very sharp last-minute turn into a random parking lot when said wall is spotted, having boyfriend and friend get out of the car despite previously made dumpling acquiring plans to take (and watch you take) blog photos, and lastly, standing in front of the main entrance of a Seattle Goodwill despite many people coming in and out wondering what the hell you're doing in front of the yellow wall getting your photo taken. I have no regrets. We just don't have pretty walls like this in Oly, and yellow is my favorite color after all.


Michael and I were in Seattle this day specifically to get dumplings with my dear friend Katrina. We had plans for a double date, but her boyfriend ended up working, so it was the original dumpling threesome for the day. (We got the same dumplings awhile back and it's our thing now, don't judge.) We got to see her new place, and thankfully she didn't mind my ridiculous wall hunting on the drive to said delicious dumplings. (Yes, I do want them right now.) Katrina actually used to take my blog photos way back in the day when we both went to Evergreen. (See badly formatted throwback here.) After M took these photos for me, we headed straight to our destination and ate our hearts out. I could seriously eat there every week. I have no idea what the place is called (Pings?), Katrina is the only one of us who even remembers, so thank god she was along for the maiden voyage. 

After dumplings we popped into Uwajimaya so I could pick up some more sheet masks, and ended up having a fun bop around before going our separate ways. When I got home I had to look up what kind of masks I had gotten, because the writing on the packaging was entirely in Japanese and I chose solely based upon the price, pink box, and numerous award stickers on the packaging. It turns out I got placenta flavor, which I think is hilarious. Either way they make my skin feel pretty, so I don't really care. 

And now for a few small side notes! Maternity pants are super comfy. I highly recommend them to everyone for large brunches and things of that nature. These earrings were a gift from M's parents from their trip to Europe, and I think they are just about the coolest things ever. And, of course, I must mention this lovely Pepaloves coat, because we're all thinking about it anyways. Isn't it fabulous? Plus the cut allows me to wear it even with my baby belly! Super fab! (It's also like 50% off right now, so you should definitely go get your hands on it!)


  1. Cute! Congratulations on baby news!
    Joy from outfitzest.blogspot.com

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