Level 3

Friday, March 11, 2016

I have been in a slump as of late. Not just with outfits (although that effects my posting the most), but with everything. I haven't wanted to bake, I haven't wanted to clean, I haven't wanted to read or edit photos...in short, I haven't wanted to do anything. I blame it on my third trimeter exhaustion. I know I'm supposed to be in a "nesting" phase where I obsessively clean and prepare, but it hasn't hit me yet and I honestly just want to sleep all day. Oh well. I'm officially done with Old Navy, so now I only have photography and blogging on my plate, which is nice. I think the other part of the slump is the lack of cute clothing at my disposal. While I would love to go out and buy a ton of cute maternity clothing, anything with personality is expensive and honestly I'm on a budget of like $20 a month to frivolously spend between bills and saving up for the baby. Thankfully, the wonderful Emily of Bread and Roses Vintage hit me up on Instagram about styling a vintage maternity sweater from her shop, and I jumped at the chance. I've been hoping to get maternity collabs (where you at??), so I was beyond excited when the top came. I decided to style it for a day up in Seattle when I was doing an engagement shoot. In my mind I styled it with some really retro looking flats or wedges, but this is Washington so I had to go in a slightly more waterproof direction. Next time.


The great thing about this top is that it's thin enough for me to wear inside without overheating, which has become an issue as of late. I'm like a human incubator at this point. I'm also thinking I may be able to swing it as a dress once I lose the baby weight, so that'll be cool. (Now I'm just praying that my boobs eventually return to normal and life will be good.) 

You can check out more sweet vintage clothing on Emily's Insta as well, which I advise you do because her prices are really reasonable, and you know, supporting small business and all that jazz. You know you want to. It just feels good. She also has a blog which you can give a look-see in your free time. I am so thankful that she contacted me because momma was getting really gloomy about wearing the same three tops in rotation for the umpteenth time. And even though I've been seeing some spring looks cropping up on my Insta feed, in Washington it is still seven cold tones of miserable.


  1. This looks so dreamy on you! I totally did not have a nesting phase when I was pregnant, so I feel you. I was just tired and wanted to be DONE with being pregnant! 9 months can feel like a really long time. Hang in there!

    - Emily


  2. I didn't have a nesting phase, either! Maybe in the middle with Evie I cleaned a bit more, but most of the time I was just tired of being pregnant, haha! You look so pretty, though, and that sweater is the BEST. I love Emily's shop!