8 Months

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pregnancy is one of those weird life things where it speeds by and yet absolutely drags at the same time. Does it feel like I've been pregnant for eight months? Not really. Is every day like my own personal hell? Yes. Yes it most certainly is. So many people now have told me, "Oh you'll miss being pregnant when it's over," and as much as I know you have special woman hormones that make you forget how bad pregnancy and child birth were so that you can fulfill your primal duty and make more babies, I honestly don't think I'll ever miss being pregnant. At this point I am huge and cumbersome and short of breath all the time. I literally can't even do my hair without stopping to take a breather, it is disgusting. The baby enjoys hanging out under my ribcage, so sitting or laying down is now uncomfortable 90% of the time. I have a wedding to photograph this Saturday and I am just praying to make it through the day. I powered through one on the second, but it was much shorter and easier than I suspect this one to be. Long story short, I don't recommend pregnancy, it sucks. (And yes it is lovely at times and magical and pretty or whatever, but it also sucks.)


All of my complaining aside, I have actually had a decent amount of energy this month. I think it's because the sun has been making an appearance which always makes me feel better about life, pregnant or not. In fact, the day we took these, I was nice looking for no reason. That's right. I didn't even have anything special to do except watch Michael paint a dresser (I helped a bit, calm down), and I still decided to look nice! Shocking, I know. Dresses make it easy, and when it's warm enough not to layer, things get real nice for pregs Mariah. If I'm ever pregnant again, I will definitely be planning to be pregnant during the summer, or will maybe just be in a better climate by then. Michael finally said ok to Arizona, so fingers crossed we can jump down there after he gets his masters. 


  1. lol. "You'll forget everything!" LIES!!! I mean, just FYI, I have not forgotten Asa's birth OR Evie's birth. Freaking way too intense to forget! But, though you don't forget what it was like, it becomes worth it (to some) to do it again. I loved being pregnant with Asa, and hated it with Evie. I will still get pregs again someday, but right now? NO. I had nightmares that I was pregnant again and woke up in a panic, ha! And like, I want five kids. So... y'know. Honest truth!

    You look like a dream, though. Your hair is SO GOOD right now. I love the color and the curls and that headband! And that dress, too! That dress is amazing! It totally doesn't feel to me like it's been 8 months already; Coco will be here so soon! I am excited to "meet" her. And I hope you make it through that wedding! You're a trooper.

  2. Awww, I'm sorry you're not feeling pregnancy - I don't blame you. I've never been so I cannot relate. If it helps, you still look so petite and tiny to me! I can't believe you're 8 months already! AND STILL SHOOTING WEDDINGS?! You go girl. I can't believe you're still shooting. I hope your water doesn't break on the dance floor ;) All joking aside, you rock and you'll meet your baby girl soon!

  3. I am so scared of pregnancy. It seems scary for your whole body to change. The thought of parenthood is also terrifying, but I know that I will do it someday and it will most likely suck (the pregnancy part, not the parenting so much...hahaha). I'm sorry that you're so uncomfortable. At least you're in the home stretch now!!