A True Orange

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

For the longest time I have been searching for a truly orange lipstick. Ok, so not searching that hard. I knew Kat Von D made one, which I regretted not buying last summer when I was on the hunt, but I went to MAC instead because they never fail me and ended up leaving with So Chaud, which is a great color, but is by no means the pure orange I was looking for (it is very reddish), but I dealt with it last year and made it work, however begrudgingly. So when I styled this outfit I picked up from a local thrift shop (thanks Dumpster Values!), the need again arose for an actually orange lipstick. I was going to just deal with using So Chaud and not having it be a perfect match (if you know me, you know this is almost unbearable, but I am also broke), but Michael insisted that since I had been needing one since last year we were going to Sephora so he could buy me the KVD color whether I liked it or not, and really, who says no to that?


It's funny, the last time I styled these sunglasses was also in this random field of scotch broom by my parent's house. It's just this small, kind of gnarly looking patch of what most people consider weeds, but it photographs so beautifully I can never resist it. I personally think it's a gorgeous plant, even though most people here hate it due to allergies and the fact that it is insanely invasive. Nevertheless, it makes a good photo, and I like pretending I'm lost in a giant forest of it, even if my feet get covered in ants in the process.


  1. Love the orange! So summery! You look adorable among the flowers! =D

  2. Omg. I'm OBSESSED with this picture Mariah!!

  3. Omg. I'm OBSESSED with this picture Mariah!!

  4. You should checkout Colourpop Cosmetics if you haven't already! They have so many colors and shades, and they are only $5-6 a piece! They're great. I have like...15 of their lipsticks. It may be a problem...lol.

  5. I have never thought that scotch broom was pretty until I saw this post. Dang girl. That dress! I love the lipstick, too!

  6. Yes please to all the orange lipsticks! I had a limited edition MAC color that I loved, but it has disappeared on me. I miss it so much that I might need to pick this one up!

    These photos and your outfit are incredibly dreamy!