Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do you remember that episode of Scrubs where JD imagines an opera singer alerting him every time he's made a mistake? I definitely could have borrowed that guy while I was picking out the shoes to go with this outfit. It's not that I think they don't look good, because I think they're perfect with this dress, it's just that they aren't 100% broken in and it was warm out, so my pregnant feet decided to swell as M and I walked Chai around downtown Oly, which resulted in about 4-5 huge blisters per foot. I had planned to photograph some collabs the following days because I need to get that shit done, but instead I've ended up stuck in nothing but sandals until my feet heal, and of course none of my planned collab outfits involve sandals...so I kind of blew it there. Oh well. At least this outfit looks cute. After like four days (maybe more?) my feet are a little better. Now I just need the weather to get nice again so I can style the things I was sent before everyone gets grumpy with me. Washington is rarely on my side when it comes to nice weather, but I can dream.


I don't know if this is normal, but lately I've been finding it really hard to breathe....like....at all. I have to sit down while I'm getting ready, and the last time I took outfit photos I had an insane dizzy spell afterwards and felt like I was going to throw up and then pass out. Is this normal? I see my OB on Tuesday, so I plan to ask, but I feel like that amount of breathlessness isn't the norm. Either way it needs to go away because I agreed to do another photoshoot for someone next Sunday (I know, I know, I need to stop) and I'd like to be functioning for that.

How're you guys doing? Making any equally regrettable shoe choices? Let me know!

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  1. Yes, the breathing thing is TOTALLY normal. Sweet Coco is probably just getting so big that she's using up all the room in your torso. When she drops closer to your due date, you'll feel so much better! I had the same issue of feeling like I couldn't breathe, especially when I was laying on my side at night. Ugh. One of the not fun things about pregnancy!

    And your poor feet! Those shoes are so cute but I HATE having to break shoes in and getting blisters from it. Ugh.