Stretchy Stripes

Thursday, April 28, 2016

This silhouette of dress is something I normally would never gravitate towards. It isn't super girly, or vintage, or extra weird, or anything like that. It's honestly pretty basic aside from the colors, and I'd like to think I have a bit more personality than that most days, but being pregnant, you learn to make new things work, especially if they fit well and are stupid comfy. This dress is both and I needed it to work in when I photographed a wedding on the 16th. Lucky for me (ok, for Michael, he bought it), it was on clearance so it didn't break the bank or anything. Even though it's pretty boring on its own, I had a lot of fun dressing it up all wonky-Mariah-style to go with these gorgeous Loly's I was sent. I think it looks pretty good when you stick it with some fun flats, bright lipstick, blingy jewelry, super sunnies, and an obscenely large bow. Maybe it didn't need every one of those things, but I was feeling myself.


I cannot express how happy I am that M and I stumbled upon a little row of tulips that perfectly matched my entire outfit. I mean, what are the chances??? I was stoked. Hell, I still am. I honestly don't usually think of red and pink as colors that immediately go together outside the month of February, so I'm quite pleased that these shoes bothered to prove me wrong. I look forward to all the unexpected color combos in my future. What are favorites of yours?

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  1. Catching up. YOUR SUNGLASSES LIKE WHAT. I love them! I totally made a few things work when pregnant that I would never normally wear. This dress is super cute and I like how you styled it! (And yay for not being pregnant any more and having an expanded wardrobe!)