Monday, July 4, 2016

Can it be? Is it really? An outfit post after all these years?! Yes. Yes it is. Look at me. It's like I'm a blogger or something. Crazy.
Anyways, I'm kind of back in the swing of things (for now), so I've got a slurry of posts coming your way in the near future! Thank goodness it's summer because that makes it super easy for me to get photos without the weather getting in the way. Definitely wishing we still lived at the cabin and I could just hop into my front yard and take them myself, but alas we do not, so I'm making sure to snag some whenever M has the day off. We took these a few weeks after CJ was born, right after her actual due date. Crazy to have a four week old baby by the time your due date rolls around. I had been planning to style this Alice's Pig dress all cute and open over my preggo belly before she came and then again after she did, but that didn't happen obviously. Oh well. I think the versatility of the dress still shows, and I was quite pleased it managed to stay buttoned over my boobs all day, seeing as this was back when I was getting really engorged if I went awhile between feedings, or skipped one and bottle fed a meal like we did before these photos. A smarter person would have pumped, because all I can see in these photos are my massive boobs, but hey, it is what it is, and the dress turned it out despite my unwise decisions.


I'll be real with you guys, the first month after having her I wore some seriously hardcore shapewear under my clothes every time we went out in public. The shapewear for postpartum ladies are like Spanx times twenty. They will suck you in and set you right, let me tell you. I've since stopped because the fear of being all lumpy or whatever my fear was has since been replaced with not wanting to be a sweaty mess in the summer weather. Being short and wearing any sort of girdle or shapewear whatnot is weird because your torso isn't long enough for the thing so it sits all weird right up under your boobs....this is a topic for another time, but yeah.

I cannot express how good it feels every time I get to bother to look semi-nice and leave the house. Every trip out leaves me feeling a bit more human, even if it's just to Target, where we practically live now. I miss getting super dolled up and taking forever to do hair and makeup, but it just isn't practical, especially when there is a 97% chance of getting covered in spitup at some point. It's also really nice to be blogging again. I missed this. Good to be back.


  1. Congratulations!
    I've been following your blog for awhile now and it has been wonderful to see your posts and the honestly with which you write.

  2. I know the struggle of shapewear and short torsos. I wore one for my graduation and it was so hard to fit it with my bra without making it look weird and lumpy.
    Love the new pictures!

  3. Oh goodness, the torture of shape wear on shorties like us! When I do wear my Rago waist cincher/corset thingy (whatever it is), it does the same as you mention here and sits so strangely under my boobs. HA! Glad I am not the only one - but I hear ya! I don't wear it a ton these days because, UGH who wants to be sweaty? ANYWAY, that aside, this dress is SO PRETTY! I love these colors, especially on you. They seem to fit your preferred color pallet of pastels and pinks!! ;)