Magic Jacket

Saturday, July 23, 2016

For some reason I always seem to really be feeling myself when I wear this jacket. Maybe it's because it makes me feel cool with just the tiniest touch of badass, when I am definitely not really either of those things, at least not in a conventional sense. When I put on this jacket though...something shifts. Much like putting on some kickin' heels (see what I did there?), I get that take-no-bullshit attitude and that I'm-hot-stuff stride. It's nice, but with great power comes great responsibility, so I let CJ spit up all over my pants to keep me grounded. Just kidding. She did that without my consent, but it was bound to happen. A whole day without getting spit up on, what a joke!


These photos were taken somewhere (Federal Way? Everett? I can't remember) on our way up to Bellingham to photograph part two of my friend Grete's wedding. It was our first long car ride with the bb and I was worried that she'd either get fussy at some point along the way, or that it would ruin her sleep schedule and I would be too exhausted to work the next day, but luckily neither happened. We even went into a restaurant for the first time with her and things went beyond smoothly. (Thankfully it was a small place and M was able to step into the bathroom to burp her because she rockets spit up, let me tell you. Nothing is safe.)

Also I don't think I've ever felt this shirt more than I do with a newborn. Even though I've only taken a total of two naps since bringing her home, believe me there are days where I've desperately needed one. I would much rather have a clean house and be tired though, so I don't anticipate adding a nap to my daily routine any time soon. And before anyone starts spouting off about sleep being more important, just shush. Everyone has different priorities and I happen to have major freak outs and anxiety if my house isn't clean, so just keep your "sleep when the baby sleeps" business to yourself. It isn't nearly as easy or peaceful as it sounds, at least not for me.

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  1. Love that last paragraph! HA! I feel like I will be the same as you - I've never been a napper and have only taken a nap when I have a migraine or am sick. I also would rather clean or get little things done but I also know you can't know what things will be like until it happens. I'll check back in when I someday pop out a baby ;)

    Love the pink/peach pants! It's just the right pop of color to go with the jacket!