Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I'm kind of looking at these photos and thinking I didn't make them bright enough...but I'm kind of looking at these photos and thinking a lot of things. Postpartum body is a weird thing, and on one hand I know I got pretty lucky, but on the other hand I think most women probably don't feel tops about their body after baby. I'm trying my best to work out and bust myself back into shape, but it's hard with a newborn, and counting calories is basically impossible while you're breastfeeding because you're ideal intake is really anyones guess. I'm not going to lie, it constantly stresses me out, and while my desire to get into shape (I'm not saying back into shape because it has been awhile since I was ever in shape) is partially fueled by wanting to raise a daughter in an environment of good eating and exercise habits, it is also because I want to be "skinny" again. This is an issue, but I've always had body image issues, and I'm not going to pretend I haven't. Looking in the mirror is hard for me most days lately, but I'm working on my body, and my outlook. I want my daughter to learn how to be healthy from me. I want her to learn to pick carrots over cheese puffs (most of the time) and to find the fun in fitness. I however also want her to look in the mirror and love what she sees, whether or not it fits into society's idea of beauty, because I already know she is the most perfect, beautiful thing. If only we could view ourselves with the loving eyes of our mothers (parents, guardians, what have you), what then would we see?


All body talk aside, Michael and I ended up going on the most ridiculous sock hunt this day. I have long been on the hunt for some super cute frilly-top socks, and no where sells them. The ones I'm wearing here are like a sad, sad attempt from the Target kid's section, but we couldn't find any, so they had to do. (We went home and I ordered some super snazzy ones from Amazon.) I did however come across some really really cute bun accessories at Forever 21, which I got pretty excited about. The pearls in my hair match the ones on my shoes! Needless to say, I am still excited about it. As much as I know fast fashion isn't a good thing to be supporting, I am also broke and not about to turn away the cheap options at Forever 21 when it means getting more bang for my buck. Someday I hope to have enough money to shop all ethically, but I don't foresee it any time soon, and I'm done beating myself up about it.

How have you guys been? How is your summer going? What is your favorite summer drink? (I have a soft spot for lemonade myself.)


  1. I love this top on you! It's so cute with the right amount of girly-ness with the cuffs and bottom trim. Hang in there! I can only imagine how weird it must feel after a pregnancy. Your body is most definitely going through a lot and just needs time. It's hard adjusting to changes you have no control over - I know that feeling!!

  2. Oh man, the balancing act of body positivity and being active about how you want to see your body. That's something I always struggle with. I grew up in a house where my Mother never talked about hating her body, and I still have felt the pressure to see myself in a certain set of standards. I am currently pregnant (almost 18 weeks) and I am already having a hard time with the changes with my body. I know I am going to get bigger, but it has just hit me that I will need to be roughly 170lbs by the end of the pregnancy! o____O But sadly it feels like most talk about pregnancy and body changes centers around "Don't worry, you need to gain weight, you can go back to loosing once you've had the baby" and not acknowledging it is just weird to see your body change so fast and seeing someone different in the mirror. Congratulations and I hope you find a balance.

    And your outfit is super cute, love how you are pairing the pearls.