Monday, August 8, 2016

Once I found out I was pregnant (or rather, once I accepted the fact that I was pregnant) I spent an obscene amount of time curating my baby registry. I wanted, no I needed the best of everything, I needed it to be pink, and I needed it to be perfect. I knew that I wanted to carry Coco close to me, and I knew that babywearing was something I wanted to try. I put a Boba wrap on the list and called it good. Unfortunately when we got it we both found it totally overwhelming. There was so much fabric and our baby was just so small! Plus the insane amount of stretch in the wrap made it feel even more massive somehow. The Boba got thrown in the coat closet, and we began the search for more options. Initially we decided to try out a ring-sling from Wildbird, which preemie little CJ fit in like a dream, however after long periods of wear, the uneven weight distribution began to hurt my shoulders, and while I still love the ease of it, Michael wasn't 100% satisfied. Enter the Solly Baby Wrap. It is the same concept as the Boba (or Moby) but the fabric is infinitely lighter, which makes all the difference in the universe. The first time we slipped Coco into it, it just felt right. That may sound cheesy, but those of you who babywear know what I mean. It's like one long never ending hug, or an infinite cuddle, or a sweet little dance where you can do a jig with those squishy, pudgy baby legs.


I know that this isn't the most exciting post outfit wise, but I really wanted to share the photos because this is a way more honest version of what I look like day-to-day. The only reason I get nice looking is to take blog photos, and when we're not doing that, little Coco is on either me or Michael. The Solly Baby is super easy to use, lightweight, and makes these humid days bearable while still bringing my bb with me and having arms. Oh yes, you read that right. I also get to have arms! As a mom, that is a huge relief.

Even though we only took these photos a week or two ago, Coco now doesn't want to do the newborn legs-in position any more, and gets grumpy if we try to tuck her head in because she wants to hold it up herself. I can't believe how quickly things are changing. I have never been more excited, or more saddened by anything in my life.


  1. Grow, Coco, Grow! I can't believe she's already, like, too big for this wrap. "MOM, I'M TOO COOL TO BE WORN ON YOU, OK?" No, deal with it Coco! Haha, sorry, I'm weird. I love that you and Michael prefer to wear her. It's so sweet when I see Michael wandering around with you on Snapchat with Coco on his chest. "No biggie, yep, I'm a cool dad wearing my baby!" ;)

  2. The before last picture is stunning!