My Mom Shoes

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

So here's the story behind these shoes: Once upon a time, the generous and amazing people over at Not Rated Footwear offered me a pair of shoes of my choosing from their collection to style for Mother's Day since I was pregnant. They'd need them pretty quickly, but CJ wasn't due for another four weeks, so I knew that I could bust out some photos right quick because pregnant Mariah was mostly just sitting on her fat pregnant ass and twiddling her thumbs. But, PLOT TWIST, Coco decided to come before I even got the shoes, and there was no way I was doing a photoshoot six days postpartum, which is when we came home and actually got the kicks out of the mail. Fast-forward three months (omg I am a terrible blogger), and here they finally are. I originally wanted to pick some wedges, but I decided upon these bad boys because I figured they'd be kind to my tired, pregnant feet (which I'm sure they would have), but what I didn't expect was for they to be the absolute perfect, and  I mean perfect mom shoe. They are so easy to throw on, match basically everything, and don't sacrifice style for comfort, seeing as they are in fact that very elusive combination of both fashionable and comfortable. I wear these all the time. I basically don't wear other shoes. So here they finally are, go get yourself a pair.


Also I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who still bothers to check out and follow my blog. It seriously means the world to me and I love each and every one of you. You rock.


  1. Oh gosh - what a tale! I hope the folks at Not Rated understood! I mean, how could they not, right? Either way, it's worth the wait. Such a cute photo set!

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  3. Those are super cute! I LOVVEEEE slip-ons like this for summer because you can wear them with anything, but mine are like literal Grandma shoes that I bought at Kmart for $5. I may need to upgrade.