When Hair Ties Meet Adulthood

Sunday, September 11, 2016

It is rare that I will approach a company about a collaboration. I usually wait for people to come to me. I often just don't feel truly inspired by anything enough to suggest styling an item. There are a handful of companies/people that I repeatedly work with (read: Loly in the sky, Adorned By Chi), but otherwise I tend to post what I wear and wait for people to hit me up. It's not the most effective, but I have a baby, so I don't really care. 
Enter Bela Bracelets

I was casually scrolling through my Insta feed the other day and I came across this photo of @sandyalamode wearing bracelets to hold her hair ties. I was stunned. Why isn't everyone wearing these? These things are freaking genius! They're revolutionary! They'll save the world! (Ok, maybe not that last one, but the others.) I immediately hit up the lovely people behind Bela Bracelets (two sisters, if you were curious) and suggested a collab, not really expecting them to be interested since Sandy has basically a million more followers than I do. 
Plot twist: they were totally down, and thus this review (and giveaway!) were born.


So, here I am with the run down for all of you with hair who care. These things rock. I have absolutely nothing bad to say. Like, nothing. I like how fancy they make me feel without even having to try. I like how it classes up having a hair tie on you, while still being able to have a hair tie on you. I like the color options (gold, rose gold, and silver), and I like the different styles (classic, grooved, and scalloped). And I like how surprisingly affordable they are, running $12.50 for plated and $19.99 for steel.

As the mother of a very, very moist baby, having my hair down (or even half down like in these photos) isn't the most practical option, so I need a tie on me 24/7, and these bracelets let me do it without feeling sloppy. It's nice not to have to remember to slip it off my wrist when I go to take outfit photos, which I forgot most of the time anyways, and then was grumpy about. In fact, hair ties are one of my main concerns when doing photoshoots since people wear them so often they don't realize they're there. I will never forget looking back through one of the first weddings I photographed and realizing that the bride had a hair tie on her wrist the whole time. I was so mad at myself for not catching it, but if she had one of these bracelets, it wouldn't have even have been an issue.

The one thing I was curious about were the two different material options, and luckily they sent me each to test out. (My gold scalloped one that isn't shown here is stainless steel, while the two pictured are plated brass.) I honestly can't say which I prefer, but that is due to the fact that I have a child's wrists. The plated brass bracelets are less durable, but adjustable via bending, so I like that I can squeeze them tiny around my wrists. The stainless steel feels much more hardcore, which appeals to me as a mom. I like the weight to it more, but it is a tad larger on the wrist, so without the hair tie, it doesn't want to stay on all the time. I think this one would truly come down to personal preference, however if forced to decide I think I'd go with the stainless steel because #momlife. You can read about the differences for yourself here, which will come in handy if you win the giveaway I'm doing on Instagram for $30 of store credit!

Oh! And they come with their own hair ties, which I was curious about. (And they sell a set of different color options on the site for super cheap, which I just bought because y'all know I don't really wear black, and it's only $4.99 for 10.) Ok! I'm done! Now go buy some of these for yourself and a friend because they are stupid affordable and also stupid cute.

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