80's Business Woman

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Michael and I had our last wedding of the year on October 2nd, and I needed something to wear. I like to get at least semi-nice looking when I shoot events, and that has become almost impossible with breastfeeding. The last few weddings we did I wore clothes that somewhat facilitated it, and it just made things complicated and time consuming, so before the big day, my mom and I hit up Forever 21 in search of some affordable, wedding appropriate, breast feeding friendly attire. (Yes I know that F21 probably isn't the most ethical, but I'm broke as hell.) My mom was kind enough to pick me up a few outfits, but these ridiculous pants were what I ended up being the most excited about. Something about their 80's business woman cut and awkward almost flesh toned peachy color really appealed to the soft spot I have for ugly clothing in a way that nothing has for a long time. Is it the thrill of trying to style something I know most people would find repulsive? Who knows. But I am obsessed. 


It turns out that these pants were a freaking dream to work in, and the whole bridal party loved my outfit, so that's a win-win if you ask me! I got the top in white as well so I can mix it up from time to time, although I still don't know if I trust myself enough to wear anything white, but we'll see. 

Part of me is sad that I don't have any more weddings booked for 2016 (holy shit how is this year almost over?!), but the other part is super happy to only have hour long shoots remaining on my calendar. Working while breastfeeding is hard, especially when I hate pumping so much, and even if I did have a huge store of frozen milk, I wouldn't know how much to bring or give to a caretaker because weddings often run late and Coco gets in weird sleep/eat moods. Really I just don't like going that long without my baby. I'm excited to have a much lighter work load and put some of my constant stress to rest. I'm not excited about somehow still paying my bills, but it'll work itself out. 

In other news, it's officially fall and I am officially back to hating Washington with a passion. I always go through a "maybe it's not so bad here" phase in the summer only to be rudely reminded of how much I truly loathe it come fall. I can't wait to get Coco out of here and into some Arizona sunshine. So long as she doesn't kick any cacti she should love it just as much as I do. (I kicked a cactus as a kid and it was not a fun removal process for me.)


  1. I LOVE THOSE PANTS. You look amazing. Haha! And also, they are totally 80's businesswoman pants. So glorious! Also it's great how you really hate fall and I really LOVE fall. I hope you can find a way to move to Arizona again, though, so that you can be back in your beloved sunshine! <3

    Kristina | eyreeffect.com

  2. I definitely know how you feel about sunshine- I'm a GA girl, so I get so sad without sun!. You're absolutely gorgeous in that outfit! I especially love the necklace <3

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