The Broth Bar

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nothing has really been happening lately. I know I still haven't posted our six month family pictures, and to be honest, I don't really care at the moment. This post is more exciting to me, and usually I would rather die than post something out of order, but the amount of fucks I give has dramatically decreased since having Coco. Maybe it's being sleep deprived all the time, or maybe it's pushing a child out of your vagina, maybe it's some magical combination of the two. Either way, this post is more interesting to me, so this is what I'm sticking up. DEAL WITH IT! (I mean, I'm sure the next post will be the six month photos seeing as we have yet to take our seven month ones since we're all sick, but whatever.) 

Recently the 222 Market opened up in Olympia, which Michael's bosses played a big part in, so we had to go have a look around. And by have a look around I mean Michael had to show me and my mom (and Coco) around while using the phrase "the industry" a lot as he talked to the various shop owners and employees that he already knew because he was invited to the special "industry" opening before the general public got to go in. Chef boyfriends, am I right? All sarcasm aside it was super cool and my mom and I got some gelato from Sophie's Scoops while M sipped on some broth from the new Broth Bar, which he has been talking about for ages. I was terrified of the broth, but eventually decided to try some on the ride home, and then tried to swap out my gelato for his broth while he was driving to no avail. So, when I got my hair done (yes omg we are going to talk about it) and I wanted pictures (naturally, why else get your hair done?) and it was cold as balls outside, I knew I wanted some broth of my very own to sip on for the photos. 
(PSA: Delicious beverages make great photo props! Happy tummy and no more awkward hands! Win-win.)


So this is kind of weird for me, seeing as I can always remember where I've purchased an item (or who's given it to me), but I can't for the life of me recall where the sweater, jacket, or scarf came from. Though you can rest assured knowing that none of it is new from this year, so you probably wouldn't be able to find it even if I did know.

Now let's talk hair! (Or just leave, you've seen all the photos by now.) I've known I've wanted bangs and some sort of red-to-blonde ombre dealio for quite some time, but my favorite stylist isn't cheap, and I am just always broke, so I had to wait for a special occasion and a generous mother to line up perfectly. Cue my birthday! BAM! Finally new hair! I've gotten it trimmed once since Coco was born, but it hadn't been colored since my second trimester (or first?), so I figured I was about due for a dramatic change. Y'all know I can't keep my hair one way for too long. However, I am so tempted to say that I have finally found the hair that makes me feel the most me. I've always alternated between red and blonde because those are the colors I feel look the best on my head, but previously the only combo I could find of the two was the heinous 2000s red with chunky blonde highlights (this or this or this) and I am not into that. However after many hours of Pinterest browsing, I found some good color and bang inspo, showed my magical hair man for reference and then let him run wild and do what he wanted. I am so in love. LOVE I TELL YOU.
(Oh look. A post that wasn't about my baby. I feel so accomplished.)

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