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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I knew eventually I'd have to get back in the habit of taking my own blog photos. Doing it at the cabin was so easy! There was ample privacy, a myriad of picturesque locations, and no baby to demand my time during prime picture taking hours. I never bothered to take my own pictures at the apartment because I had to drive anywhere to do it, and juggling baby and outfit photo taking is a joke, so I always waited for Michael to have a day off to take pictures (which admittedly sucked a lot). Now that we're back at my parents house, not only can I easily walk to a few picture locations, but my mom can watch Coco while I do it. It's made life a lot easier. For these pictures I had intended to go to the park, but stopped short and decided to just use the sidewalk because it was freezing and I figured these boots would looks better outside of a more natural scene. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not up to my old selfie game. These pictures don't leave me pleased with the job, and while you can see the outfit, they lack the creativity I usually try to include within my shoots.


While I've been down on myself about these photos, the one positive is that I remembered the technique that I had to employ to ensure that I was in focus in my pictures, so that was at least a plus. I totally forgot that I had to focus on something near where I wished to stand so that the camera wouldn't just be guessing where to focus and almost certainly failing. So if nothing else, that is progress and I'll take it!

Also, can we talk about the over the knee boots? When they became super trendy last time, I could never find the right pair that didn't make me look about three feet tall, so when I found these beauties at Marshalls, I did not hesitate to buy them in both black and blue as a Christmas present to myself. (If only they had more colors! There were grey, but they didn't have the same heel, or any heel, so I ruled them out.)

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  1. They may not be up to your previous standards, but I really like these pictures. I just got my first pair of over the knee boots and I love them. I almost returned them, but decided to keep them last minute and I'm so glad I did.