The Bear Coat

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This coat was one of the things Michael got me for Christmas, and dare I say that it's my favorite? (Other gifts included things such as seven bottles of the ginger bread soap from Bath and Body Works because I'm obsessed with the smell.) I'm super glad he got it because it's definitely something I would have never bought for myself and it is amaze. Being someone who naturally gravitates towards pinks and really anything but neutrals, I'm sure this amazing shade of orangey-brown would never in a million years have caught my eye and it looks soooo good with my new hair! Plus it is somehow perfectly oversized without making me look comically small or like I'm wearing my mother's clothing. In short, it is amazing and I'm so pleased he picked it out for me.


This is an outfit I wore to Coco's latest check-up and to lunch with some of Michael's oldest friends. It was an alright day, but we were stressed out by the end of it because we also needed to be finishing packing and that didn't really work out for us with so much already on our schedule. You really learn how to prioritize your days when you have a baby that needs to be home by 4:30. Have I said yet to never move with a baby? Never move when you have a baby. Don't do it. Don't even think about it. Stay the frick where you are. Dear lord do not move with a baby.

Ok. Now that that is off my chest, I wanted to wrap this post up by saying I have thus far spotted three other babely-babes in this bear coat, and that you should totes check them out! @shelovesdresses rocked it with her faithful Rilakkuma@kekecameron gave it a touch of her effortless street style, and @minipennyblog made it completely badass. Check it.


  1. Funny you mention ginger bread soap because this coat makes me smell ginger bread. It's the color! Haha it's like a fuzzy ginger bread coat. Also, I get the need for a plethora of bottles of one scent - I have literally been working through a STASH of Sensual Amber lotion/spray from B&BW for the past few years after they retired the scent. Yes, I went online and literally bought like 8 lotions and 8 sprays - at least they do BOGO all the time! I am crazy but it is MY scent, ya know?? ;)

  2. That coat is AMAZING. Dang. You are rocking the heck out of that coat. Michael has a good eye! And I love how it matches your hair, it's so awesome!

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