The Hips

Thursday, January 12, 2017

As I'm sure everyone in the world knows, pregnancy does some crazy things to your body, during and afterwards. So far the biggest (physical) change I've noticed is how much hippier my body has gotten. That baby gave me some hips! I find the change to be most apparent when I put on some of my old, thinner material skinny jeans. BAM! Now she's got some hips! I'm actually super happy about the change, and am embracing it full force. (Thanks Coco!) I'll have to let you know how I feel about any other bodily changes once I'm done breastfeeding, because the aftermath of that is pretty much a total wildcard. Right now my boobs seem like they may end up the same size, but we'll see. I'd really love to not have to buy any new bras or bralettes. Fingers crossed.


When I was putting this outfit together, I was thinking that this lipstick matched the pink flowers way more than it did, which I'm a little bummed out about. Y'all know I need to match my lipstick to either my clothes or my hair, and this color just doesn't quite work with the outfit, in my opinion. If only it was a *little* paler pink. Damn. Oh well. It's still a good color, and overall a great one for your collection if you're into muted pinks. For so long I strayed away from anything "drugstore" because I had seen the light of MAC and Sephora and Ulta and shiny higher-end cosmetics and I would not go back to that cheap crap! Except omg there are so many amazing drugstore products! I feel so late to the game with NYX, so if you're hesitant to try it out for similar reasons, take the jump! You will not be sorry. (Another cheaper fav of mine is the Maybelline dream bouncy blush! Maybe I'll do a makeup favs video soon. Would anyone be into that?)

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  1. I think people don't talk enough about how bodies change after pregnancy. I mean, we are focused on our "old" bodies and loosing the weight. I was surprised to hear that lots of people loose the pregnancy weight and have different shapes anyways.

    The photos look amazing. Your lipstick might not match the shirt but the leaves sure do.