My Little Valentine

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! This is the first time I have ever posted photos on the same day as the holiday they pertain to! (It may be late, but it still counts!) I was pretty intimidated by the thought of taking these pictures all by myself; lugging the tripod and the camera and the baby and the chair to some location to snap photos with my little remote, but I must say I'm really glad the I sucked it up and did it! Plus, I think I'll use these as our nine month family pictures as Michael is super busy most of the time and coordinating our outfits is much more difficult when we don't live together. 

I must admit that I love Valentine's Day. Love it, love it, love it. I love all things cheesy and cliche and mushy and romantic and all that jazz. I always dreamed of having a secret admirer, hell I still do. (Although maybe that's also a little creepy? I don't care.) It was fun getting to share this holiday of love with my little Cocopuff, even though she's too young to remember or bake cookies or make out cards, it was super fun to get all gussied up, even if it was just for pictures and then I got into my sweats the second I got home. #momlife


I tried for so long to do a dutch braid around my whole head, but I just couldn't get it right. Some part of switching my hands to continue it around my head kept losing me, and when I finally did get it all the way around, the second half just looked awful, so I went with a simple braid headband and curls instead, which I think I like better anyways. Although, I will say, I've got some big hair. I don't know how people get those really sleek perfect curls, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I think it's just because my hair is insanely thick. Oh well. I like it big, so I don't mind.

How was your Valentine's? Do you hate it or love it? Also it's totally not too late to send me flowers. I'll be here, so whenever works for you.


  1. I got extremely excited to see this skirt on you on Insta - I should have known you'd snag it! It's so you! I also bought it and rocked it last week - it's such a fun skirt! I have red glitter all over my car at the moment, but it's still one heck of a fun skirt to have in my wardrobe.

    Coco looks so adorable in her own little tutu. Watch out - this girl is so ready to start her own blog! ;)