My Wildbird

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I don't think it is at all an exaggeration to say that babywearing saves lives. It greatly reduces the amount of crying your precious little one (who does not seem so precious once they've been crying forever) does, and it helps with PPD. It also has the benefits of feeling like a super amazing baby hug, which believe me, you need. I have never once had Coco stay fussy after being put into one of our slings (all of which are Wildbird, hence the post title), and that is more amazing than I could ever possibly describe, but if you have a kid, you know. I am so forever indebted to our slings that it is ridiculous. Not only do they soothe CJ, but they also make it possible for me to do things with two hands, like get coffee, or grocery shop, or clean, or cook, or whatever. And let me assure you, moms need a minimum of two hands. Minimum. Basically I'm saying thank you. I am saying thank you to babywearing, thank you to all the moms (and dads and grandparents and everyone) who support and share babywearing, and thank you to the fabulous communities around babywearing.


The reason I took these pictures is kind of a bummer. While I swore that I would never ever ever sell the very first sling we had for Coco because I am wildly sentimental and because it was the only thing we could carry her in since she was so small and because it was just the perfect shade of pink, I coerced myself into selling it in order to fund a thicker sling to help hold her weight better as she continues to grow. I sold it to another amazing and lovely mamma who loves it just as much as I did, but guys I cried so hard. So. Hard. I do this thing where even though I know I am super attached to something I will tell myself I am being illogical by holding on to it and basically bully myself into giving it up if it's for a good/reasonable/sensible cause, and then of course come to regret it. Because emotions are of course illogical, and I am a 100% emotional human being, so why I do this to myself, I do not know. Anyways, I did it with our first sling in order to get another one, and I definitely have regrets, but I think I have also at least finally learned my lesson about forcing myself to do things for the sake of logic when I am so clearly not logical. (Thankfully the mamma I sold it to said that if she ever decides to sell it, I can have first dibs, so fingers crossed that it isn't lost to me forever and more like I just let a friend borrow it for awhile.)

*Note that it is always to important to recognize the roots of babywearing, and that white people did not magically come up with it and are not super saviors who gifted us all with babywearing. Other cultures and people have been babywearing much longer (and consistently vs for trend), despite experiencing shame, racism, appropriation, and tokenism for doing so. Here's a good quick read on the subject if you're curious, and as always please do research of your own and work to prevent the idea that middle class white women somehow gifted the world with babywearing.


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