The It Girls

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Motherhood has definitely changed my style. Maybe there was no way around it, but the simplistic looks I always saw other "cool" moms wearing but never envisioned myself in have become my go-to for the days I'm not in jeans and a hoodie (or let's be real, the days I get out of my sweats). Don't get me wrong, I still love all things pastel, ultra-effeminate, layered, and all that jazz, but breastfeeding took away all my dresses, and my ability to layer, and baby stole my usual outfit planning time and energy. I get it now. I get the effortless chic look now more than ever. I get just wanting to put on a baggy sweater with some over the knee boots (and shorts underneath), and calling it good. And the brilliant thing is that is does look good. Thank god. I too can be hip, cool mom. Now that CJ isn't spitting up like freaking Old Faithful I can wear nice clothes and light colors, but I got so out of the habit of it that I need to remind myself that I can wear my cute clothes again without fear of ultimate ruin. I feel like I'm finally coming back into myself and my style. Welcome back me, welcome back.

I won't lie to you, as much as I love the bonding that breastfeeding provides for Coco and I, I will be so happy when I can get dressed without having to worry about easy boob access. I don't think she'll be one of those babies that doesn't want to wean though, so I may be in luck as far as my wardrobe goes. Keep your fingers crossed for my wardrobe!

How do you feel about the sweater and boots look? How is your winter going? Talk to me!


  1. Love love love this outfit! And you of course <3

  2. I love this outfit!

  3. I can't wait till I can get clean clothes with my baby as well! XD My husband was complaining about how messy our baby was at bottle feeding until he saw how soaked my shirt was from breastfeeding. And that doesn't even take in consideration the spit up.