Strolling Into Spring With Evenflo

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring here in the great PNW is a very special time where we usually get hit with several very distinct varieties of weather all in one day, or it's just 100% miserable rain all day long. But usually it likes to fluctuate between blindly sunny, to rainy, to cloudy, to sunny, to insanely windy, and back again. This is usually enough to keep me safely huddled away inside dreaming of friendlier climates, but since having Coco, I find myself needing to go out more because babies need fresh air and mommies need relaxing walks in the park, sporadic weather or not. Queue the amazing Evenflo Pivot travel system! No matter what you're doing outside (or in, can you say Target?) this thing has got you covered! (And I do mean covered, which you can see a photo of at the bottom when the sun decided to be out in full force.) Despite the wind and clouds and blinding sun, Coco and I had a nice walk in the park by my parent's house. Oh! And she can face me! Which was definitely the selling point on this stroller for me, because I can give her snacks and toys and interact with her all I want. (But it can also face out if you prefer.)


I should also mention that this isn't the only attachment to this sweet stroller, it also comes with a carseat that you can transfer from your car right onto the stroller body, and the part CJ is riding in (in style, I might add, I love the sandstone color) can first be a bassinet attachment for your sleepy little newborn! I must say that Evenflo thought of everything with this one, and as a mom I have never appreciated the beautiful functionality of something more. Oh! And the basket under the stroller is massive and accessible, which believe me is hard to find on most strollers. Basically I'm saying you need this. Go get it. Right now. It is a ridiculously reasonable price for everything it can do. So I am saying a big windy, cold, sunny, rainy thank you to Evenflo for giving me and my baby girl the chance to enjoy Washington's utterly ludicrous spring weather.

*Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.*

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