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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's no secret that warm hot weather is my favorite weather. I live for it. I despise layering, and anything under 60 is still sweatshirt weather, no exceptions. I realize this makes me odd for someone in the pacific north west, but I'm not from here anyways, and to be honest I really cling to that. I cling to my identity as someone from Arizona, even though I've lived here since I was in second grade and only went to Arizona a few times each year to visit my father. Still, it is a part of myself that I love and I use to identify who I am. I am not a PNW person. I'm just not. Anyone that knows me will certainly agree. And so when it finally, and I do mean finally, hits an even tolerable temperature here for me, you can bet I am going to put on my most summery of attire and wear the hell out of it for as long as I can. On this day, I wore my go-to yellow sweatshirt for most of the day, but when we came home it was just warm enough to rock this romper from Tobi (which I think is on sale right now, score!), and you can bet I jumped right into it and demanded a photoshoot. Rompers are life, y'all. And with these petals to shoot by? Forget about it. My day was made.


I must say, I really, really love how these pictures came out. I was feeling myself, which I'm usually not when I have an 11 month old (omg how?!) to chase after all day. Plus, I didn't wear a bra with this romper because it would have ruined the beautiful neckline, and that always makes me feel extra saucy. I've been feeling self-conscious about my boobs since I've stopped breast feeding, and seeing these photos makes me feel better about their present situation. Don't get me wrong, I was totally hoping for smaller breasts once all was said and done, but the shape of them so dramatically changed that it's taking some getting used to. I went from a full and round C cup, to what I suspect is somewhere close to an A cup with most of the fatty tissue near the underside of the boob...which is to say that they have drooped a bit. Although, I don't even really so much know if it is drooping, or if it's just a radical rearrangement of the fat which caused a new shape, but either way they are 100% different than before, so I'm taking my time learning to love them again. But, as I said, I am thrilled that they are smaller because I've always felt like small boobs have the most fashion options, like going braless without any trouble, which works wonderfully for things like this romper.

Ok. Enough boob talk. I love you guys. I hope your spring is treating you well and that you've gotten more sunny days than we have here. (Which shouldn't be to hard to accomplish because it has been so awful here wahhhhhhh get me out!)

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