The Deep V

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can we talk about how useless most "fashion" tape is? I put on a ton with this sweet little romper and of course the second I moved it all came off. Useless. Does anyone know of any that actually stays? Because this outfit definitely went from saucy to scandalous with a twist of my torso, haha. I for sure flashed some people in the park while taking these pictures, but I really don't care because hot damn, I look good. As a full time, stay at home mom I'm not usually feeling myself, I mean, I don't think I look like dumpster juice on the daily, but I'm also not dressed up and looking super fly. I've been super pumped about the clothes I got from Tobi because they all make me feel like one hot potato. (Lmao, ok that is the least hot sounding phrase ever, but I had to use it.) Now I just need a steamy date to go on and I'll be set!


Now we need to spend some time discussing this romper and not just the wretched injustice done to me by my lame fashion tape. Isn't it perfect? I love how sweet and innocent the lace is, and then BAM the neckline comes at you and it's totally spicy! I'm in love. I want to wear this all summer and see things like a grainy, vintage memory with some cutesy folk music playing over everything and me and some blond guy running through a tall field holding hands and laughing. I'm also wearing a big ol' floppy hat in a lot of these picturesque moments, because duh. It can totally happen, right? We'll see.

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