The Twilight Zone

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

And now we begin to enter the weird twilight zone wherein I am in Arizona, but the photos are still before I chopped all my hair off and started blogging again. So this will be fun! These were not only the first outfit photos I took in Tucson, but also the first outfit photos I had taken in almost a years time. It felt good to be back at it, and to have a reason to get dressed up because as a mom if I don't have an occasion to look nice I am wearing jeans and a tee. I hate loathe this. I 100% loathe this because I am the biggest advocate for getting dressed up for no reason and life being the occasion for putting on your most ridiculous outfit and prancing around, but when you're with a messy toddler 24/4 you kinda get afraid of looking nice for no reason when at any minute your precious outfit could be attacked by sticky baby hands. I love my clothes. I am not subjecting them to that. The world cannot be so cruel.


This desert lighting though, am I right? This location is right by my parent's new house, and I love that you can just walk into the desert and see these amazing views. (I'm less of a fan of the fact that they're like 40 minutes away from everything lol) 

I would be lying if I said looking at these isn't making me question why the fuck I cut all my beautiful hair off, but I know I would have done it no matter what, so I'll just grow it out again and enjoy it while it's short. I am however hardcore questioning why I dyed it brown. Ok, I know, I know, I did it because it would be the most low-maintenance to try to match my natural color, and seeing as I'm perpetually broke that seemed like a brilliant idea, but then I remembered that I hate myself with brown hair. That's right, I fucking hate it. YOU HEARD ME. Why did I do this to myself??? I have however also tragically developed an extreme allergy to hair bleach over the years (we're talking heart palpitations, hives, uncontrollable itching, the works) so either way I'm stuck with brown roots forever. Yes, my life is so sad, thank you for your sympathies. /endrant