My Not Maternity Photos

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This dress originally had much grander intentions for it than just being thrown on last minute and styled in my backyard with the remnants of the hair and makeup from an earlier shoot, but more often than not things don't work out quite as you plan. I bought this while I was pregnant and intended to take my maternity photos in it, super pregnant, in a field of tall golden grass while being as painful picturesque as possible. And it was a huge bonus because while pregnant this dress was actually not too long on me, which I literally never find in vintage maxi dresses....or any maxi dresses in general. Needless to say Coco coming a month early ruined just all my beautiful photographic dreams, and I never got around to styling the dress in a cliche field but oh hey here it finally is on the blog for me to share essentially two years later. Yay mom life.


I did actually wear this twice before I ended up getting around to photographing it, which is more than I can say for like 98% of my vintage (which I tend to end up wearing only for photos and then am terrified of Coco ruining). I wore it to a music festival in Portland with my good friend Taegan the week after her wedding because we're both madly in love with Father John Misty and had to see him live again together, and once more to photograph my darling friend Claire's wedding IN DISNEYLAND. (Yes I photographed a wedding in this and yes it was much easier to move around in than you would think.)

I'm really trying to get back into the swing of blogging and social media lately, which sometimes feels really overwhelming and impossible after being out of the loop for almost a year, but I realized recently that it is, above all my other ventures, what I love to do the most, and so if I want to make this dream come true then I need to push though all my apprehensions and fears of failure to really achieve my goals. I need to photograph more outfits and spend more time on social media, which is hard when a lot of the world doesn't understand that something as simple as scrolling instagram can, yes, actually be work.  I'm determined I will do it. I love this life, for all it's ups and downs and pressures and stigmas, I love it. 


  1. I absolutely love these pictures! I can almost smell the oranges and the setting reminds me of home <3

    1. Thanks so much Nahla! I can't believe I'm so lucky to have this as a backyard! When we originally moved in the person showing the house told us we had an orange and a lime tree in the backyard, so for awhile we were eating "limes" before realizing they were definitely lemons and he was super wrong lmao

  2. This dressssss! I love these photos. ANd I'm glad you finally got around to taking pictures in this dress because it is PERFECT on you! I'm so in love!

    Also I'm glad you're back to blogging and social media! I feel like I was sorta the same with blogging. Like, for a year or two I fudged around and tried to make it work but it didn't feel like it was working, which was super discouraging. But lately, I've been super happy with it, and really into it, and even if all blogging ever is is a hobby it's definitely something I ust really love to do. I'm glad you're doing it too.


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