Sabino Canyon

Sunday, March 11, 2018

One of the main reasons I wanted to move out of Washington was because I wanted to be outdoors more. I lovelovelove the sun and was in it every chance I could get in WA, but a few fleeting months (like two...maybe three) of warm weather were never enough for my sunshiney, desert soul. I've been really trying to hold myself to getting out and being more active since I've been here because it's perfect for it all the time and I don't want to waste a second of it when I spent years pining away for it. I also wanted to raise my kid in a place where she could run around carefree without worrying about constantly soggy ground and raincoats and boots and layers on layers on layers. Sometimes I tear up if I sit and think about how beautiful it is here and how it's everything I'd always been wanting. Coco asks to go outside or go for a walk or go to the park every damn day and that means the absolute world to me. I love it here. I love the desert. (And I love that I can wear all the clothes I was too worried would be ruined by the rain or mud or damp.)


I have been waiting to wear this dress for way, wayyyyyy too long. I snagged it from my favorite vintage shop in Tacoma (Urban Exchange) under my Gunne Sax Rule (if I find a Gunne Sax dress that fits me, I buy it lol I have a very similar jumpsuit rule), and had been waiting to style it in the perfect location with the perfect weather and even though I beat myself up about waiting so long, I'm really glad I did because I don't think I could have found a place better to shoot it in than Sabino Canyon. It's part of the Coronado National Forest, and I had an annual pass gifted to me, so I go at least once a week. We had to walk a ways in before finding this location, so I was that girl hiking around in neon workout attire with a full face of makeup and hair all did, which was amazing haha. Then I had to try to sneakily change behind some very sparse desert trees and was definitely seen by a few people, but whatever, it was clearly worth it all for these photos. Plus we just continued hiking with Coco after we did the shoot, so it was really the perfect way to do things.

In other news, I'm back on the fakle train (fake freckles) and am completely obsessed just like when I started doing it forever ago. My face just looks better with them, yeah? I super think so. I know people have started getting semi-permanat fake ones using the same technique as microblading and omg I would do that in a heartbeat! But for now I'll stick to using my brow gel to slather them on all over. The secret is that most of the ones I draw on are atop actual freckles and sunspots I have, they're just too faint to show through my other makeup really well unless you're close enough to kiss me.

And lastly as a fun side note, this dress is sooooo long on me oh my goodness haha. Like I wore some fatty wedges beneath it and was still having to gather giant handfuls before walking anywhere. Totally worth it. Plus I think it's funny how much taller I look in photos when I'm wearing a maxi dress because I'm actually only 5' tall and it's so apparent in real life how tiny I am in a long dress, even with tall ass shoes. 

Ok. I'm done. How's the end of winter treating you? How's life? I love you all.


  1. I find it funny what people find comforting. I like the layers and the rain, I find it comforting and nice, but admittingly annoying when you have a little one. We had one last big snow storm here on the north east, and I am glad to have one big snow so my little guy can play in it. But I am happy to have the warmer weather to go for walks and general exploring. But I am NOT looking forward to the summer.

    I like to pretend that you are going to the playground in that dress. Because even though there is a lot of stress on social media about not being a perfect Mom "like everyone else" sometimes it is nice to see Mom's crush it, making me feel like "yes, there will be a day where I can have perfect hair and clothing!" Keep crushing it (even if you aren't actually crushing it in that dress lol)

    1. The difference in weather preferences really are quite amusing and interesting. Michael (Coco's father) used to swear by layers and PNW weather and cold air and snow, but now he's smitten with Arizona and even told me he's happy it's not nearly as cold here and it blew my mind haha. And summer is my favorite season ever, so we're definitely just opposite lol

      And I will 100% join in this pretend version of me with you! I wish I weren't so terrified of my vintage getting ruined by CJ, otherwise I would just be floating around the park in it.

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