Bisbee Escape Day 2

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Out of the three outfits I planned for our getaway, this one by far got the most compliments. This may just be because we spent the majority of this day on foot visiting shops and being generally in public, or because it was just the best, but I suppose that can be for you to decide. Either way I did adore this combo and was happy to finally wear this hat again because it's my all time favorite and I for some reason tend to think it works much better on me when I have shorter hair.

Also shoutout to my mom who is the best instagramhusband and helped me drive around forever and scout the perfect photo locations for all my pictures and took all my boomerangs and was beyond helpful and patient and amazing. Moms, am I right? Moms. I could go on, but you feel me.


Our second day was spent exactly how I was hoping it would be spent: shopping and talking and eating and bonding. We laid in bed and talked for awhile before we decided to finally get up and walk down to a favorite breakfast spot of the locals that our AirBnb host suggested to us. We grabbed coffee and I had a bagel with cream cheese and snapped lots of pics because, like everything else in Bisbee, it was super duper colorful and amazing.

After breakfast we toured the shops, which there are many of, so we took our time and had a blast. My mom found a really cool ring and I bought some of the best pants I've ever seen in my life. One of the highlights was a beauty and bath type shop where we spent all the money on locally made lotions and bath fizz and deodorant. I. Love. Bath. Stuff. I even popped back in the next day to grab lotion and chapstick before we left to go back home. We go hard when we shop, even if it's just mostly window shopping. I also managed to snag some notable postcards to send to my bestie, Jade and the boyf. I think my favorite purchases though would have to be the vintage wedding photo I found (and intend to hang and pretend it's my family), and the 1920s sheet music that will also serve as some snazzy wall art.

We had a late lunch at a very little hole-in-the-wall type pho place that had the best damn pho I've ever eaten, and we ended the day with anther wine run to Safeway where we restocked on the alcoholic juice and some Cheetos puffs because we're classy like that. I also grabbed some french fries and onion rings on the way back to the AirBnb because I like to go hard, haha. It was lucky we bought more snacks because when we went to eat our ice cream from the night before, it had all but utterly melted in the sad little ice box in the mini fridge, and I may or may not have drank most of mine like a milkshake after my mom threw hers away.

Eventually we crawled into bed with the intent of sleeping, but instead stayed up for a few more hours talking and laughing until we cried and I cannot even begin to express how blissfully perfect and happy it made me. It had been so long since I'd gotten quality time like that with my mom, and it was so needed. We've agreed to take a mini trip together every six months from now on because we deserve it and we need that time. I absolutely cannot wait for the next one.