Hoppy Eggster

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I'm going to be straight up with you, these are some of the most fake ass, staged photos I have ever taken in my life. Coco and I did decorate and dye eggs, and we did wear these outfits all day, but we most certainly were not dyeing eggs in the living room on the white coffee table next to all the furniture. I'm leading with this because social media spawns some very fake, very "hi here's my picture perfect life" type images and I don't want to ever front. My life ain't that. No one's life is that. Look at it more like this: I did make cute, picturesque memories with Coco pretending to dye eggs...after sitting in the toy box to creep the best angle to shoot at, setting up my tripod and camera, and trying to pose in very "omg memories" type ways with each click of my remote. Life with kids is hard, hell life is hard all on it's own. The last thing we need to do is perpetuate the notion that we're living it beautifully enough for Instagram every single second.


I loved celebrating Easter when I was a kid because it incorporated a lot of activities and family time and frilly dresses and good food, all of which I am a huge fan. My family isn't religious in any way, shape, or form, but I still wanted to pass on the fun traditions to Coco, and let's be real, I will use any excuse to decorate and dress for a themed occasion. So Easter is our way to welcome spring and say "fuck you" to winter, because fuck winter, am I right? (Sorry y'all, such a desert girl here.)

Yesterday we dyed eggs and took v staged shots, and today Coco got to wake up to her first Easter basket and do her first egg hunt, which was so fun to set up and to watch. I can't wait for all of our Easters to come!

Oh! Some fun random blips, Coco was not having these photos the first time we tried to take them, but that ended up being for the best because I 100% spaced and forgot that you have to hard-boil the eggs before you dye them and we almost had a huge mess hahaha. Scroll down for a photo of a very grumpy baby.

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