The Bisbee Escape

Friday, April 6, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, then you'll know that a few weeks back I went on an impromptu vacation with my mom to Bisbee for some much needed respite from my stressful as fuck life. I realize this is a huge privilege and I am beyond lucky to have a mom who when I shoot a frustrated text saying, "I wish we could just go away for a weekend" responds with, "This weekend? Wanna go up north maybe?" That is insanely lucky, right? My mom is the true MVP. Always has been, and always will be. I can honestly say if not for my mom I wouldn't still be here today. (Which I obviously mean outside of the fact that I wouldn't exist in general without her having grown me lol.)  So after browsing Air BnB and deciding to go to Bisbee instead (so many quirky spots and great photo opportunities and cheaper omg!) we booked one of the only places available on short ass notice, packed up, and drove the fuck away from this city and my problems.


Naturally I took the vacation as an excuse to plan the most extra outfits, because that's what vacations are for, am I right? Is it even a vacation if you don't plan super extra outfits? I think not. (Jk vacation however you want but that's how I vacation, especially if I'm kid freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.) This outfit was planned specifically for our first day because I knew we wouldn't be doing too much walking and because wrapping a scarf around my head reminded me of vintage movies and people in convertibles taking off into the sunset with big ol' sunglasses and a "fuck it, I'm fabulous" attitude, which is the exact attitude I adopted during our getaway.

My mom and I ended up grabbing lunch with the new bf before heading out of town, which was nice, and then we were off! It's a pretty relatively short drive to Bisbee, so we were able to leave later and take our time which was really nice. When we got there we checked into the Air BnB, and the owner was just as painfully quirky as most Air Bnb hosts, which I must admit is one of my favorite parts of using Air BnB. You know what I mean? Like you always come out with at least one inside joke about the host and I love that. Our little house was super small and crooked and old and balanced over a ditch, so essentially perfect haha. I obviously had to take photos in it before we did anything else because just LOOK AT IT! I matched it perfectly! To be honest I think I was doing some next level packing for this trip because I ended up matching everything flawlessly without any prior knowledge as to what I'd find when we got there. Magic. After photos we grabbed some food and popped into like the two shops that weren't closed, and then bought some wine and ice cream and had us one great evening drinking and trying to piece together a really shitty puzzle from the 30s.

Also, these trouser-type pants, am I right? I'm obsessed. So lightweight, so fash. They had them in white too, which I loved more but they were lined with shorts inside that were weirdly cut and super visible and looked like I was wearing granny panties underneath. Not a good look so I went with the coral and have no regrets.

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