Apple Annie's

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Well well well.
Hello again anyone actually even here.
Do we read blogs anymore? I feel like I definitely don't, but I mostly wanted to share these photos with you without posting a ton of the same looking picture on Instagram. Also *wow* does this need a makeover. Babes who do blog designs hit me up if you want, I'd love to pay a femme to hit me with some graphic design!
Anyways, we're here to talk about Apple Annie's, where I think we all found a much needed reprieve from the heat of Tucson and the suffocation of COVID.

These photos uploaded in backwards order, but the sunflowers were definitely a highlight of our visit, even though we were pretty tired and burnt out by that time. We didn't pick any, just took some photos and enjoyed they general splendor. They're my favorite flower, so getting a chance to be among them felt really lovely.
Hunter started a garden in our yard and has one glorious sunflower sprouting up, and I'm very excited to see her face when she gets here.

Let's. Talk. Roasted. Corn.
The Marana Pumpkin Patch, which we've gone to every year since we've been here has a myriad of distractions for kids that I never experienced at the pumpkin patches of my youth, like giant bounce pillows, huge slides, hay mountains, and pig races. HOWEVER, they have neither roasted corn nor apple cider to so me it's a huge letdown. Sorry not sorry Marana Patch.
I flipped my fucking lid when I realized there would be fresh roasted sweet corn at Apple Annie's, and Hunter didn't understand until he tried some for himself. We bought tickets to eat some, and bought some to take home, and you bet I went back for seconds of that hot, sweet, buttery goodness.
It was Coco's first experience with it, and she decided she wouldn't taste it past licking the salt off the outside, which meant it was only salt, which meant she wouldn't eat any of it lol. (My mom happily took her cob because she gets it.)

Annnnnnnd this is why we came. To go peach picking. 
I'd never been fruit picking in my memory, and neither has Coco, so this was a fun reason to escape Tucson, and do something where we could de-mask without risk of breathing on anyone. Just us and those juicy peaches.
Coco refused to get out of the wagon once she realized it meant she didn't have to walk around at all, which made me a bit sad at the moment because I wanted her to fully get the experience, but she was happy in that wagon being pulled among the trees and that's what matters at the end of that day.
My mom, Hunter, and I ended up picking a bunch of peaches, some pears, and a few apples. Hunter then made an *amaze* peach cobbler to bring to my mom's birthday dinner, and omg could I eat that for the rest of my life. Cobbler. So simple. So good.

These last photos are just proof that Coco is way cooler than me, Hunter, my mom, and probably you as well. (No offense, but look at her.)

Also if anyone is curious about the details like I used to post on here, my dress and belt are thrifted vintage, mask is by my friend Estrella, earrings are Statement Handmade, and shoes are Sweedish Hasbeens.

Coco's dress and shoes are thrifted, her mask is by IAmBrockStar (on instagram and Etsy), and the hat is my mom's from lord knows where.

Hunter got those glorious overalls from Depop, which I sent to him after being highly dissatisfied that they wouldn't fit me.

How was this?
How does one blog in 2020?
Let me know! 

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